A Good Hare Day


I arrived early this morning to find two hares down the driveway in front of me, black tips to their ears, their bodies elongated and golden brown with white bellies.

One slipped into the meadow as I slowed down but the other one ran ahead for a few yards then stopped, the hare’s ears twitched and her head turned to face me before ducking under the fence, its powerful legs carrying it off into the shadows. I couldn’t have felt luckier.

We are so lucky to see these special creatures regularly in our meadow that surrounds the garden here. It never fails to delight and enthral me.

Where rabbits can only aspire to cuteness, hares have always been creatures of mystery and laden with symbolism. I simply adore them. Unlike rabbits they do not burrow but spend much of their time in a scrape in the ground, lying low camouflaged especially during the day. And the more open the space the better so that they can exploit their legendary speed. I was so lucky last year to see a pair ‘boxing’ on hind legs in part of the field opposite the house – a sight I shall never forget.

It is a privilege to share Columbine with these lovely, gentle creatures.