May 2012

Flowery Meadows

This year we decided to plant a pictorial meadow - pictorial because, though it looks similar to a wild flower meadow, the flowers are not all wild. We were just in time. I see that our Classic Mix from Pictorial Meadows ( now has a waiting list following a TV showing.

Wild About Garlic

The chives and wild garlic are up and so is the sorrel (buckler leaved, like little medieval shields). Apparently, sorrel is so short-lived that you will never find it in a supermarket. But I have a row of it, which constantly renews itself. So, how about sorrel soup? It is a delicious, lemony affair which needs careful treatment if it is not going to go a sludge colour.

Spice, girls

I have just finished writing A Book for Cooks (published by Merrell this autumn). This is a list of my 101 favourite cookery books (I collect them.) The final book I chose is the newest, Laura Santtini’s Flash Cooking (Quadrille ) which has thoroughly engrossed me.

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